Dear Duran Duran, Thank you. With love, Brett Schieber

by Brett Schieber



Duran Duran has always been my favorite band. I am lucky to have chosen one that has been so prolific and progressively artistic throughout my lifetime.

Simon, Nick, John, Roger, Andy, Warren, and everyone else who has worked to make Duran Duran's music- I want to thank you for your words and sounds, all of which hold a very special place in my heart. Your music has changed my life and I am thankful.
With Love,
Brett Schieber

PS - I've mixed 12" versions of these two songs, as well (just like all the great classic Duran singles). I'll post them here for free sometime in the near future, so please follow me here, on Facebook, Twitter, and everywhere else. You can also find all of my music (except these Duran covers) on iTunes, Amazon, Pandora, & everywhere else. Please let me know what you think! Thank you again!

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***"Seven and the Ragged Tiger" is the title of Duran's 3rd album, but this song was not on it. From what I understand, it was never completed and morphed into "The Seventh Stranger", the closer on the album. I heard the demo, tried my best to decipher the lyrics, etc, and completed it the best that I could.

***"2:03" is a song from John Taylor's first solo album that I've always loved. I have no idea where the title "2:03" came from, but...if you have any idea, please let me know!

***The rest of these songs are my own. Every noise and lyric I make is influenced by Duran Duran in one way or another, so I hope you'll enjoy them. I also included my band, Arcanum (Tree is the amazing singer), and the children's educational music that I do under the name of Mark D. Pencil & Friends (with my friend Ace), as well as 2 audiobook musicals that I've written. If you find the time to listen, I truly hope you enjoy them.
Thank you so much for your time, your ears, and your imagination.


released February 13, 2017



all rights reserved


Brett Schieber Atlanta, Georgia

On this Bandcamp page, you can purchase music from Brett Schieber, Arcanum (Brett Schieber and Tree), and Prankster (Brett's instrumental electronica project). You may find a couple albums he produced for others, as well. Brett's music for Mark D. Pencil & Friends can be found on another Bandcamp page. Thank you! ... more

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