1. New Life

  2. New Life (single version)
    Brett Schieber - featuring Fulton Lee

  3. In the Air - The Maxi-Single
    Brett Schieber - featuring Témi and RakJay

  4. In the Air
    Brett Schieber - featuring Témi and Rakjay

  5. The Mountain Wind of Arcadia - The 12" Versions

  6. She Sings Alone In The Dark
    Brett Schieber - featuring Lewis Raye

  7. Lotus Avalon

  8. Love Is More Than A Song
    Brett Schieber - featuring Antoine Jaquard

  9. Safe

  10. Learn the Hard Way (single edit)
    Brett Schieber - featuring Shawn O'Donnell and Bricey

  11. The Mountain Wind of Arcadia

  12. Live From...

  13. A Hundred Thousand Things
    Brett Schieber - featuring Calixte

  14. Watching Over You
    Brett Schieber and Gavin Fisher

  15. Seasons Change (My Summer Flame)
    Brett Schieber - featuring Tèmi

  16. Brett Schieber - EPK (Electronic Press Kit - free download)

  17. Don't Be Afraid
    Brett Schieber - featuring Antoine Jaquard

  18. One On One (Hall & Oates Cover)
    Brett Schieber - featuring Antoine Jaquard

  19. Collection

  20. Iron Will & The Lessons Learned, Vol. 3: There Are More Stars In The Sky Than Grains Of Sand On The Earth & We're All The Same Stardust, Therefore...

  21. Covers 2

  22. Covers 1 (live acoustic)

  23. Everybody Wants To Go To War

  24. Blissfully Unaware - The Wedding Album

  25. remixedUP

  26. Faces in the Water

  27. 12" Night Versions

  28. Run (The Resist 45's)

  29. Iron Will & The Lessons Learned, Vol. 2: It's Nice To Laugh, But Don't Be The Joke & At Night I Wonder Where The Universe Goes...

  30. Dear Duran Duran, Thank you. With love, Brett Schieber

  31. Unnecessary Content
    Caleb Bouchard

  32. Wonderworld: The Musical

  33. The Cinema Sheet

  34. Iron Will & The Lessons Learned, Vol. 1: If Science Had A Conscience...

  35. Strike Night: The Musical - The Remix Album

  36. Strike Night: The Musical - Soundtrack

  37. Strike Night - The Musical (Audio Book)

  38. Just Another Story In The Light Of Day - EP

  39. Our Last Cigarette

  40. EP1: Sleepwalking On The Highwire

  41. Beware - single

  42. Life From Generation XS

  43. Television & Trash

  44. Early Works

  45. Circular Disorientation

  46. No Mercy For Virgin Soil

  47. The Spoken Scream


Brett Schieber Atlanta, Georgia

On this Bandcamp page, you can purchase music from Brett Schieber, including his solo music, Arcanum (Brett & Tree), & Prankster. You'll find a couple albums he produced for others, as well. Brett's music for Mark D. Pencil & Friends can also be found on Bandcamp by searching for that name. Thank you for your time, ears, & hearts! ... more

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